Mar 24, 2010

It's been awhile

I've had a number of things I've been dealing with and working on. Here's the list:

1. I'm working on a new story. This will be long format, as such I'll be posting it a page at a time, web comic style. I want to get far ahead before I launch. The working title is Psychopomp, I'm looking at a late April early May release date.

2. I'm building a web site. I need one. It's taking a while, I'm not really a wiz with web site building. This will launch right before/with the comic above. The "theme" or "style" of the site will be previewed soon with my new avatar.

3. Been trying to find some regular work, so I can save up and move. I have a second interview tomorrow for a job. If I get it I'll be heading west in August. This little detour/exile/meditation/institutionalization back in Iowa has been... interesting. But it's time to leave. SOON!

4. I've been doing studies of: various artists, philosophy, religion, story structure, and many other things... to better understand myself, life, and my work.