Sep 23, 2009

What I've been up to

For the last almost two weeks I've been sick. Like every good geek I have allergy and sinus problems. So it's normal for me to get a little under the weather with time of the year. High pollen count and all.

So I'm dealing with the pollen count allergy crap okay. One night I'm about to fall asleep, something starts crawing on my neck... I freak, and hit it. It's a spider, it BIT me. I had to pull it's dead body off of me, cause it's fangs are suck in my neck. Turns out I'm allergic to spider bits. So instead of super powers, I got huge bumps, fever, and shit. My body explodes with sick.

To deal with the awfulness that was my life, I was given a does of Prednisone, a steroid. It helped, but it kills my immune system (cause it kills the good and the bad). Because of this, I was left open for... a respiratory infection. Feeling worse and now unable to breath, I was given Penicillin and an Advair inhaler.

It's like I got kicked while I was down... then soaked in gasoline and lit on fire.

I'm doing better, even got a little work done today. But the set back means I won't have my new comic "Monsters, Murder, and Madmen" done for Fall-Con. I will, however, have it done for C4 at the end of the month.

So... that's that. What has been going on.


Soupy said...

I'm sorry your new comic wasn't ready for FallCon, I really enjoyed Little Miracle which I bought from you from MicroCon last year. Do you think it will be ready for MicroCon '10?

Jesse Haller said...

I'm glad to hear you enjoyed Little Miracle.

The new book will be ready within two week. So at MicroCon '10 I'll have the new book plus at least one more.